Daniel’s Story

I have learnt new ways to be and stay healthy and also some coping strategies and mechanisms to help manage my enthusiasm and confidence to be able to do things in my life.

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David’s story….

An email Lisa Hart recently received from one of our learners after completing Managing Depression course:-

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Jackie’s Story

I now look forward to waking up and planning what I am going to do each day!

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Julie Putterill’s Story

Julie Putterill,  Co-facilitator – WRAP and Cooking Hi, I am Julie, a volunteer at The Exchange Recovery College and I am passionate about health and wellbeing. My own lived experience...

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Lisa’s Story

I’ve never before felt so welcomed and accepted in a setting outside my home. The facility and grounds are very beautiful and tranquil, which in turn produces a very calming...

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Mandy Round’s Story…

Mandy Round – Co Facilitator – Feel the Fear, Creative Writing I first attended The Exchange Recovery College back in 2016 as a learner, after experiencing anxiety, obsessive behaviours and...

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