Jackie’s Story


I now look forward to waking up and planning what I am going to do each day!

I first introduced myself at the Recovery College as “Hi my names Jackie and I have a mental health condition”. I was defined as a service user. I felt isolated, had low confidence, low self-esteem and low mood.

I’ve now completed two courses at the Recovery College – Renew You and QDOS Revive.  These courses have helped me immensely.  I look forward to waking up and planning what I am going to do each day. I now use public transport and visit places independently. I wasn’t able to do this before, without the support of others. I feel happy where I am in my Journey and enjoy life to the full.

Work is important to me! I have made plans to become a Volunteer at the Recovery College as a Co-producer. I am looking forward to the rest of my Journey!

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