Renew You Course

Barnsley Recovery and Wellbeing College, 33 Gawber Road, Barnsley S75 2AH

Understanding my Mental Health and Wellbeing


It can be easy to fall into the trap of using negative and limiting labels to describe ourselves.

In this exploratory course we will look at the values and qualities that are unique to us and consider how we perceive ourselves, view our self-image and the roles we adopt.

By attending this course we aim to provide you with the space and time to reflect on who you are and encourage you to develop a more realistic and balanced perspectives of yourself.

Please note attendance of the Renew You Pre-Course meeting is required before booking onto this six week course.  Due to the nature of this course your readiness and commitment to attend each session is essential.

*Please note that you must attend this before enrolling on the full course in June. 

“I've found today very empowering. I've started to realise I get to choose how I allow people to treat me. I get to choose if I accept the labels and live up to them. I get to choose how I treat and feel about myself. I am NOT a label, I AM a human being. I’m the director of my own life. Because of this I am starting to find a real sense of inner peace, something I’ve never had before”.



At Barnsley Recovery and Wellbeing College

Start dates and time

Term Thursday23 May 20241-2pm PRE COURSE MEET1 weeks
Term Thursday6 June 20241-3pm6 weeks
Term Wednesday6 November 202410-11 PRE COURSE MEET1 weeks
Term Wednesday13 November 202410-126 weeks


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How do I enrol?

You are not referred to the Recovery College, you can simply enrol yourself, or on behalf of someone for any of our courses that may be of interest to you. Our courses are open to all adults and we welcome carers, supporters and professionals too.

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