Helpful Habits for Sleep

The Exchange, 33 Gawber Road, Barnsley S75 2AH

The Exchange, 33 Gawber Road, Barnsley S75 2AH

Looking After Myself


Sleep plays an important role in keeping us healthy, emotionally strong and better equipped to manage the challenges of daily life.  When we don’t have good sleep, our concentration is affected, things become harder and we can feel less like ourselves.

Using a range of techniques and sleep tools, this course will support you to evaluate your sleep routine and look at some of the key principles of sleep theory.  Each session will provide you with information on how to develop healthier habits to improve your sleep routine.

"You can cope with anything when you've had a full night's sleep and this course gives you lots of tips to do this"

"Staff very welcoming and it's such a nice venue. I went away with some really good knowledge about how the sleep process works"



At The Exchange

Start dates and time

Term Thursday18 January 20241-3pm3 weeks
Term Wednesday6 December 202310-123 weeks


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At The Exchange


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