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Empowering Carers To Know Their Rights

Do you care for someone? Have you undertaken a care role that is unpaid?  Barnsley Council, SWYFT  and our  health and care partners across the borough  have  joined together to empower carers to know their rights, whether in a hospital setting, their community or within the workplace and to find out how to get help and support they are entitled to.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unpaid carers are under increased pressure – a survey by Carers UK has revealed with many carers  providing more care than they have before. This already demanding role  has become much more challenging. Some  carers have been unable to take any breaks in the last six months as the needs of the person they care for have increased.

If you or someone you know is in a caring role please take time to look at the information in the links below.

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Down load the Carers Passport here

Our Trust is committed to keeping carers and families of people who use our services informed​ and supported.

Read our Family, Friends and carers commitment   

It has been developed jointly by the Trust, family, friends, carers, third sector and partners. The Trust recognises the very difficult job thousands of carers do in supporting family members and loved ones. This commitment is designed to ensure that this critical role is acknowledged and respected and your own needs are met. The Trust’s guiding values are to provide services where families and carers matter. We greatly value the role that family and friends have in supporting recovery and maintaining health and wellbeing.​​

These are our three commitments to carers:

  1. We will work with you as a partner

  2. We will support you to get help and assistance when you need it

  3. We will train our staff to be aware of carers’ needs​

Find out more about what’s available to carers locally…


And Nationally…

suicidal-thoughts-how-to-support-someone-factsheet-1 (PDF, 599 KB)

support-someone-who-feels-suicidal-2017 (PDF, 596 KB)

Identifying early signs of worsening health in a person with a learning disability – specific training for family carers

The NHS England and NHS Improvement Learning Disability and Autism Programme is inviting family carers to take part in a workshop. Attending the workshop will help you to be able to identify when the person you care for is becoming more unwell (deteriorating health) and how to tell a health professional about that. The workshop is free and only for carers of some who is over the age of 16.

RESTORE2™ mini is an award winning tool specifically designed for carers to help you to identify soft signs that someone you care for may be unwell and what you should do next. This version of Restore2min™ has been specially adapted for people caring for those with a learning disability.

We are inviting family carers to take part in this important one off 90 minute training session which will help you to identify soft signs of deterioration and then seek the right help at the right time.


What you’ll learn


  • how to identify soft signs of deterioration
  • how to use a simple communication tool (SBARD) to communicate effectively with health care professionals so you can get the help you need at the right time


How long is the training?

The training takes about 90 minutes

When is the training?

We are offering the training every working day from Tuesday 23rd February to Friday 31st March 2021 at different times in the day. There are over 30 sessions for you to choose from. The link below will direct you to the NHS England and NHS Improvement events page where you will be able to select your preferred day and time. There are limited places for each training slot, so please register early to make sure you get the date and time you want.

Visit website to apply