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April 14, 2022

Based on a successful, evidence-based programme in Ottawa, Canada, QUIT has the potential to save thousands of lives and hospital re-admissions across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, as well as reducing health inequalities.​​​​​

•    Smoking is an addiction that often starts in childhood – NOT a lifestyle choice.
•    Tobacco addiction is a chronic, relapsing medical condition that prematurely kills at least half of those who smoke.
•    There are very effective treatments for tobacco addiction which save lives.
•    We believe that the NHS has a responsibility to treat smoking, just like any other disease.

Places taking part in QUIT

The national average of adults who smoke is 13.9%.

% of adults who smoke by area

Barnsley  –  18.3%
Bassetlaw  –  15.7%
Doncaster  –  19.1%
Rotherham  –  17.8%
Sheffield  –  13.9%

Figures taken from the 2019 Annual Population Survey.

To find out more about smoking rates and its impact on health in your area visit Public Health England’s Local Tobacco Control Profiles.

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